Sunday, 10 April 2011

a short biog about me

grew up in bohemian menagerie of chaos.Animal sanctuary and a house where nothing was thrown living in an archive,have inherited hoarding gene.still pick up junk off the road as did as a kid magpie eye,all pieces of junk have some kind of special meaning to me.

found object(ivity).my dad always kept every bent nail and screw to reuse and pieces of odd wood for making and fixing things,also inherited.spent hours banging these nails into same bits of wood,hence early art and also why i am now a drummer!!

developed keen sense of nature and animals.shooting at targets and animals.fell in love with pop culture and 60's graphics bright,colourful immediate and punk do it yourself aesthetic.

juxtaposing random objects together in surrealistic punk fusion using collected material recycled from trash,skips flea markets the street broken toys and other useless stuff to create new forms.

punk collage and duchamp anarchy,surrealistic humour.victorian curios,souvenirs,3rd world customisation and artworks,voodoo shrines,collections.

am a art is directly inspired by childhood bedroom,a museum of artifacts i collected and collages are an extension of this first exhibition of weirdness.

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